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Scott Weiland Marries

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I guess Scot Weiland is marrying again! Check it out here:


Emerging Online Distribution Issues for Independent Films

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This is something independent musicians should keep in mind along with filmmakers. The book The Independent Film Producer’s Survival Guide deals with today’s fast-paced media marketplace and new delivery systems.

Direct digital distribution is beginning to surface as a major way of providing movies to audiences online. Films that cannot attract a theatrical release can certainly have a presence online. The film industry is following the music industry by using the Internet as a way to expose their content.

Independents are typically readily adaptable to market conditions and are ideally positioned to take advantage of new and existing online distribution opportunities, just as they were able to take advantage of opportunities during the early years of home video. Once you have determined that the digital route is right for your product, here are some key issues to consider:

The Grant of Rights

It is no secret that newer online digital distribution entities are trying to build product libraries as assets by taking expansive rights for long periods of time. Do not be surprised if a newer, less well known online digital distributor hands you an agreement that grants it all rights in all media worldwide, not just digital, online or view-on-demand rights. Do not be quick to give away more rights than you should. Get yourself informed and know the costs and procedures involved in new digital delivery methods and you will be able to negotiate knowledgeably from a position of strength.


As the online distribution process matures, fewer distributors will ask for exclusive online exploitation, but some may try. Because the online programming market is still developing, and iTunes and Amazon certainly have had a head start, few true leaders with large market shares have yet to emerge, so it is risky to grant exclusivity. A safe philosophy is to grant a nonexclusive online license for a limited term. This will allow the market to continue to mature and you will be able to reassess your position after a relatively short window.


Online distributors may ask for worldwide rights. Since you may prefer to license international rights or specific territorial rights in a completely different manner, try to get the online distributor to limit the territory to the United States or the specific territory in which it is primarily doing business.

Licensing Period

Your license term for online exploitation will first depend on what other rights, if any, you have previously licensed. If you have no previous exploitation, at least try to limit the license period to 6 to 18 months so that you can reassess the online marketplace in short order. Keep your license periods as short as possible.

License Fee/Payment Terms/Audit

Many online startups will claim poverty because the market is still developing so obtaining an advance against royalties for an online license may be difficult, but not impossible. If an advance is not possible, ask for a large share of the gross revenues for downloads, streaming or other licenses (50-70% is obtainable), and try for a share of advertising revenues associated with viewing your product. In addition to an advance and royalties, consider asking for stock options, and the right to purchase stock at lower than market rates. Specify the minimum rates to be charged for downloads and viewings.


Make sure you include a provision that requires cross-linking of the online distributor’s site with your official website for your company or product. Try to retain the right to exhibit the product on your official site as well as the right to sell merchandise, videos and DVDs of your product from your own site.

And there’s a lot more! As the computer-using and wireless hand-held segment of the entertainment consuming population continues to increase, as digital cable lines, DSL, wireless, satellite, and other systems continue to converge, and as delivery technology continues to improve, one can expect that delivery of motion pictures online or wirelessly will rapidly expand over the next few years. As the market matures, digital pricing, territorial limitations, development of an appropriate digital exploitation window, the issue of exclusivity and the appropriate license period will begin to stabilize and a set of even more specialized standard terms for online and wireless exploitation will emerge.

Ozzy’s New Guitarist, Gus G.

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Once upon a time he was in an indie metal band called Firewind. What do you think about Ozzy’s new shredder, Gus G.?

Warner Music to Stop Free Music

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Looks like Warner Music is going to stop licensing its content on free music sites like Last FM, Spotify, and We7.

Here’s a quote from the label’s chief executive, Edgar Bronfman Jr from BBC News: “Free streaming services are clearly not net positive for the industry and as far as Warner Music is concerned will not be licensed…The ‘get all your music you want for free, and then maybe with a few bells and whistles we can move you to a premium price strategy’, is not the kind of approach to business that we will be supporting in the future.”

It should be interesting to see what moves this triggers in the rest of the music industry…


Roskilde Music Festival Adds New Acts

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The world-renowned Roskilde Music Festival has added acts to their lineup for 2010. Notable adds include Muse, The Kissaway Trail, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, and C. V. Jorgensen. The festival, which takes place in Denmark, is one of the oldest and most well-known music festivals in the world. More information on Roskilde can be found at their website, here.

Roskilde, Denmark

The Animal Collective To Debut Movie At Sundance

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A new Animal Collective film, rather than album, has been causing quite a buzz around the indie music community. It was recently announced that this groundbreaking new project will see its debut on a large stage, at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, January 21st-31st. The film, ODDSAC, is quite hard to classify, says the group, and the Sundance website calls it “An earthy, psychedelic experimental narrative infused with the band, Animal Collective’s aural and musical sensibilities.”

The Animal Collective (+ Dog)

The film was shot with the help of Danny Perez, who is no stranger to the AC. The project is described by band-member Avery tare as “…kinda like a psychedelic film, it’s not like a narrative film or anything, there are more cohesive moments in it, but then there are some that are a little more abstract.” The offering is sure to please Animal Collective fans and experimental movie buffs alike. Be on the lookout for ODDSAC in the coming months, and also be sure to check out the group’s recently released EP, “Fall Be Kind”.

Los Campesinos! Reveal Bloody New Album Cover

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A few weeks ago I had a post about the upcoming Los Campesinos! album, and now we have more information. The British indie favorite recently revealed the album cover for their new album Romance is Boring (January 26th release). I must say that the artwork is a bit…bloodier than i had been expecting, and is designed by Carie Ann Wayman. The image is of a somewhat grotesque, bleeding leg, and can be seen below:

designed by Carie Ann Wayman

Los Campesinos! will begin their UK tour on December 2nd. More information on the upcoming release as well as UK tour dates can be found on the band’s website.

Digging In The Instrument Graveyard

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An interesting trend is beginning to arise in the Bay Area, where more and more people are once again beginning to use such eccentric instruments as the Accordion, Klezmer, and the Ukulele. All having quite different backgrounds, these three instruments are being revived in an effort to create a unique sound by incorporating them into more modern music.

The Ukulele

Popular artists such as The Arcade Fire and The Decemberists have set an example through their use of the squeezebox in their mainstream recordings, but the trend goes much further. A local Bay-Area Ukulele maker, Michael DaSilva, says that he has observed a huge spike in the number his customers who are under thirty years of age since the trend emerged. Regarding the Ukulele, DiSalva says “There’s so much new, independent music being produced on it,” he says. “People under 30 are becoming attracted to it.”

Thanks for the article goes to Laura Casey of the Contra Costa Times. In her full article, found here, she highlights a number of local artists who have begun using the eclectic instruments.

Contest Offers Participants Shot At Glastonbury Glory

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Officials from the famous Glastonbury Music Festival in Pilton, England have announced that they will once again hold the “Emerging Talent” competition again this year. The competition gives unsigned bands and artists the chance to perform at the world’s largest greenfield music festival in June 2010.

This is a great opportunity for independent musicians everywhere to gain important music contacts and massive exposure. The contest will yield roughly thirteen winners who will perform on some of the various stages set up around the show. The winners will be judged by celebrity Huw Stevens (BBC Radio One) and Paul Rees (Q Magazine editor), as well as concert organizers Michael and Emily Eavis. For more information visit the Glastonbury website.

The Golden Silvers, 2008 contest winners, used the competition to springboard their now-flourishing career

New Solo Offering From Weakerthan’s Frontman

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November 3rd marked the release of Jon K. Samson’s new solo project ‘City Route 85’ through Anti. Samson, better known for his work with critically-acclaimed Canadian rock group ‘Weakerthans’, describes the EP as a series of recording inspired by the roadways around his Hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. City Route 85 is the official name of the prominent Winnipeg street, Portage Avenue. The songs center around life in the town of Samson’s youth, and include topics ranging from revelry to death. The offering will be released in vinyl 7-inch or digital download formats. Visit the Anti website here for more information.



Track Listing For City Route 85:

01. Heart Of The Continent
02. Grace General
03. Cruise Night